Here We Grow Again!

We are moving! 1230, 150 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 3H9 New Office Location:  Effective March 2, 2020 We are proud to announce Sproule Insurance Inc has a new residence as of March 2, 2020.  Our brand new office is located in The Edison building and we couldn’t be more excited to be in […]

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Alberta allowing cap on auto insurance rates set by NDP to expire

We believe this move by our current government, to let the rate cap expire, will greatly improve the health of automobile insurance in our province. Claims frequency continues to rise significantly as does average claims cost. Distracted driving and costs associated with repairing newer, tech enhanced vehicles, are certainly contributing factors, among other more complicated […]

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The cost of your insurance has gone up. Now what? Part 2: Home Coverage

  “Recently we talked about the trend in rising auto insurance rates, and shared tips for how drivers can save on their insurance costs. Even though insurance companies want to keep prices manageable for all, there are sometimes factors out of their control that can impact customers’ household costs. Fortunately, as with auto insurance, there […]

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The cost of your insurance has gone up. Now what? Part 1: Auto Coverage

  If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your insurance coverage often. Until something bad happens – or – you notice the cost has gone up. Like any good business, insurance companies want to keep their customers happy. Unfortunately, there are times where factors outside of their control may impact what customers pay. […]

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Cannabis & Road Safety

as of today, cannabis is now legalized in canada.  this recent shift in policy, has some canadians showing a strong concern for the number of cannabis impaired drivers that will now be sharing our roads.  drunk driving is something that we as a society have shown zero tolerance for, and have tests in place to monitor alcohol […]

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Snowbird Travel Insurance

we have officially entered snowbird travel season.  thanksgiving dinner has been eaten and leftovers devoured, and now seniors and retirees are in search of sun, sand and most importantly no snow. however, prior to departing, ensuring that your travel insurance is in order is a key component. first and foremost, you need to buy what fits.  things to consider […]

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Fall Insurance Checklist

In between raking leaves and eating all things pumpkin, fall is the perfect time to make sure everything is in order as we head into arctic tundra season. Things to consider…. winterizing your vehicle to ensure you are prepared for any roadside emergencies (this includes winter tires) retiring seasonal vehicles.  before storing boats or RVs for the […]

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cap on premium increases and the affect on consumers

A recent article published by the Calgary Herald is shining light on the auto insurance crisis in Alberta due to the NDP government placing a cap on premium increases. This cap has the potential to leave some Albertans unable to obtain car insurance and some insurance companies pulling out of the province all together. You can […]

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How Distracted Driving Can Affect Your Insurance Rate

It’s important to note that many Alberta insurers are now treating distracted driving tickets as “major or serious convictions.” Not only are violators paying large fines, but their insurance rating is also being negatively affected.  This can impact their insurance premium by hundreds, or thousands of dollars, in families with multiple vehicles depending on the insurer. In […]

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Product Expansion – Life Insurance

We are so excited to announce that we have expanded our product offering to include Term Life & Critical Illness insurance.  We are eager for an opportunity to assist our customers navigate these products and find the best solution for their unique needs. To provide our customers with the highest level of service and knowledge, […]

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